Product Description
Celery is native to the Mediterranean region and cultivated over three thousand years ago.
It has wide parsley-like green leaves and thick, juicy, ribbed stalks that join at a common base above the root.
Celery, at its best, has a juicy and crunchy flesh with a mild salty flavor.
Although celery is most often used for its stalks, its leaves are edible as well and have a concentrated celery-flavour.
Celery Stalks is commonly used as an aromatic, but should not be overlooked as a vegetable.
Cook diced Celery Stalks with onions or apples, potatoes and cream and puree into soup.
 You can also braise sliced celery in vegetable stock and wine, or bake with cream and cheese into a gratin. Furthermore, you can combine raw celery Stalks slices with citrus segments and grains for a cold salad.
Health Benefits:
Celery stalks contain compounds that help lower blood pressure and perhaps help prevent cancer.