Product Description

 These berries with a concentrated aroma are filled with antioxidants and many essential vitamins. They have a great texture when mixed with other fruit in juices and smoothies.

Cranberry Health Benefits 
1. Super great for men's health.
2. Anti-Ageing.
3. Prevents from urinary tract infection.
4. Prevents kidney stones and bladder problems.
5. Reduces the bad cholesterol levels
6. Cranberries prevent breast cancer cells.

Cranberry nutritional value per 100gm

Energy Carbohydrates Protein Fat Vitamin B-6 Vitamin C Magnesium Phosphorus
46 Kcal 12.2 g 0.4 g 0.13g 0.12 13.3 mg 6 mg 13


Cranberry recipe

Quick flow Heart power The guardian White guard
50g cranberries 80gm cranberries 100g cranberries 100g cranberries
1 banana 60g avocado 1 banana 50g guava
30g kale 40g mango 40g cucumber 100g almond milk
40g spinach 1 banana 50g strawberries 50g coconut milk
100g almond milk 30g walnuts 40g orange juice 50g honey
30g honey 20g almonds 30g pineapple  
  100g almond milk 100g plain yogurt