Product Description

It is easy to eat (no peeling!). Plus, the sweet and juicy flavor makes it a tasty treat. No wonder, it’s favoured among kids. But along with these immediate benefits, this delicious fruit has a lot more to offer.

Blackberries are native to England, now it’s grown in North and South America .
Blackberries have been used in Europe for over 2000 years, for eating, medicinal purposes.

Blackberries have a sweet taste.
When ripe, Blackberries are a purple-black color.
Blackberries taste best when their glossy shine becomes dull and their color is more black than purple. 
Some varieties contain seeds, and depending on ripeness blackberries taste tart-to-sweet.

Blackberries can be used fresh or dried and are commonly eaten out-of-hand.
Blackberries are sweet and therefore popular for salads, yoghurt, juices, sauces and stuffing cakes and cookies.

Health Benefits
Blackberries are high in fiber and vitamin C and a good source of foliate, potassium and other important
minerals. They are cholesterol free, and naturally low in fat and sodium.

Blackberry nutritional value per 100gm

Energy Protein Total fat Fats Magnesium Phosphorus vitamin c Vitamin B-6
43 K/cal 1.39 gm 0.49 gm 0.13 g 6 mg 13 mg 13.3 mg 0.12 mg


Blackberry recipe:

Happy Mama Daily glow Pure boost 
140g blackberries 150g blackberries 120g blackberries
40g strawberries 30g avocado 20g mint
20g kiwi 40g mango 30g orange juice
10g basil 20g oats 40g pineapple
100g coconut milk 10g walnuts 100g coconut milk
20g walnuts 100g almond milk 40g honey
40g honey 1 banana