Couscous salad with Sharon Fruit


 2 sharon fruits
 50 g couscous
 ½ paprika
 20 g walnuts
 2 slices of goat cheese
 2 tbsp cane sugar
 chives
 ginger syrup
 brown sugar
 salt & pepper
Cook the couscous according to the description on the package and let the couscous
Peel the sharon fruit. Cut the sharon fruit and paprika into small cubes. Chop the chives
and walnuts coarsely. Mix the couscous with the paprika and half of the sharon fruit,
chives and walnuts. Add some flavour with the ginger syrup, cinnamon, salt and
pepper. Take a round plug and fill it with couscous. Lay a slice of goat cheese on top of
it. Place the same dices of sharon fruit on top. Sprinkle with brown sugar and
caramelize it with a crème brûlée torch. Then create a second turret. Enjoy!