Green Artichoke

Product Description
The origin of artichokes is unknown, though they are said to have come from the North Africa, where they are still found in the wild state; the seeds of artichokes, probably cultivated, were found during the excavation of Mons Claudianus in Egypt during the Roman period.
A raw green Artichoke is crisp, slightly bitter and nutty.
Although not as meaty as a globe, they still provide substantial meaty and buttery flavors when cooked.
Most people are content to eat cooked artichoke virtually unadorned, perhaps seasoned with some garlic and olive oil with a clarified butter dip.
Artichoke raw hearts should be cooked in acidulated (lemon juice or vinegar) water.
Health Benefits
  • Artichokes are inherently high in fiber and low in calories.
  • They have neither fat nor cholesterol making them an ideal vegetarian treat.
  • They are also a good source of calcium, zinc and Vitamin A.
  • Artichokes are loaded with nutrients and phytochemicals known to contribute to the prevention of certain types of heart disease, cancer, and birth defects.