Charentais cantaloupe

Product Description

Introduction :
Cantaloupe originated in India and Africa. 
Cantaloupes were originally cultivated by the Egyptians and later the Greeks and Romans.
Cantaloupes were first introduced to North America by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the New World in 1494.

Quality Indication :
The key to select a good quality melon is to find one that is ripe.
The pale orange flesh is extremely juicy and sweet.
Choose cantaloupes that are heavy for their size, have a sweet, fruity fragrance, a thick, well-raised netting, and yield slightly to pressure at the blossom end. 
Avoid melons with soft spots or an overly strong odor.
Cantaloupes easily absorb other food odors, so if refrigerating for more than a day or two, wrap the melon in plastic wrap.

Optimum conditions:
Temperature: From 7 to 10 degrees Celcius  
Humidity: From 85% to 90%
Storing: From 10 to 14 Days

Nutritional Value :

Serving Size Calories Vitamin C Calcium Iron
170g 48 62% 2% 3%