White Currant

Product Description
White Currant grown in the Pacific Northwest.
A translucent fruit with a pink blush, the unique flavor of the white currant is quite mild.
Regarded as the sweetest of the currants, white currants are actually an albino form of the red currant
without pigmentation.
This currant is ideal for all culinary purposes.
Rich in flavor, white currants can be eaten out of hand as a juicy scrumptious snack due to their lower acidity.
This unusual currant makes a beautiful garnish and an attractive party table with its festive decorator personality.
Used mostly for jams and jellies, drop a few white currants at the bottom of a glass of wine for an elegant effect.
Perfect for stewing, make compotes, pies and flans, flavor sauces and syrups.
Its special pearl-like beauty is revealed when combined with a variety of colorful fruits.
Health Benefits
White Currant is low in calories and usually lower in acid than red currants, also low in fat and
sodium; they contain no cholesterol, are high in fiber and provide a good source of potassium.