Straw Raspberries

Product Description
Straw Raspberries are native to Europe and were the earliest strawberries cultivated & now the
United States, California is a major wild strawberry producer.
Straw Raspberry is elegant and excellent in flavor.
Seriously fragrant, these quaint little berry-charmers offer a flavor that is intensely sweet. 
Eating and enjoying this wild berry delicacy is like turning back time to the fourteenth century.
Chefs love these little fruity gems for their unique appearance and great flavor.
Fully ripe Straw Raspberry taste simply divine.
Delicious as a dessert fruit, top Straw Raspberry with whipped cream makes into a strawberry
pie, add to heart-shaped cheesecake molds or blend in Coeur a la crèmes. 
Sprinkle with granulated or powdered sugar or drizzle with chocolate.
Toss tiny Straw Raspberry in a variety of salads for color and an occasional sweet bite. 
Pureed fruit adds sweet deliciousness to shakes, malts and chilled beverages.
Health Benefits
Straw Raspberry offering some fiber and an excellent source of vitamin C, as well as other
berries, are said to be cleansing agents for the bladder and colon.
Straw Raspberry is excellent for the skin and helps prevent tartar.