Shiso Purple

Product Description
Origin Japan
Taste Cumin
Usage Mushroom dishes, game (soup), cheese, asparagus
Culture Socially responsible culture with biological crop protection
Availability Year round
Storage Up to ten days at 12-16°C
Taste and usage
Shiso Purple is the most popular product in the Koppert Cress assortment.
It is the culinary top of the bill.
Although the taste is still unfamiliar to many consumers, all self-respecting cooks have
worked with it.
 It is a taste on its own, difficult to infoibe.
Shiso Purple also has a unique fragrance, which reveals itself when cutting the fine leaves.
It is difficult to bring this scent into a dish.
However, we found a restaurant that developed a trick for this.
On a hot empty plate, the small leaves were placed together with a small timbale of mixed
The plate was placed in front of the guest and a perfect game-bouillon was poured over the
Shiso Purple, and 'voila', the perfume was on the table.
Too well known, beet-shoots are not really a taste but more a charmer.
Radicchio is hardly ever eaten, but merely shoved to the side of the plate.
We believe that if one needs colour on a plate, Shiso Purple is an excellent choice.
Availability and storage
Shiso Purple is available year round and can easily be stored for up to ten days at a
temperature of 12-16°C.
Produced in a socially responsible culture, Shiso Purple meets the hygienic kitchen standards.
The product is ready to use, since it is grown clean and hygienically.
Shiso Purple is, as all the Koppert Cress cresses and specialties, produced according to
the SQF 2000 guidelines.