Shiso Leaves Green

Product Description
Shiso Leaves Green® in Japan called ‘Oba’.
There is no (raw) fish dish without one or more leafs.
The main reason, next to its good taste, is the belief that the leaf is an intestine
stimulant and protects against (mild) food poisoning.
But we focus on the taste and we wonder why it is not more widely used by chefs.
It fits perfectly into a salad; it can be cooked and it looks attractive.
Take a small slice of fresh tuna, dip it in some Kikkoman soy sauce, wrap it into a Shiso
Green Leaf and be amazed, treat to your mouth.
The very mild, but outspoken, taste with its strong fragrance makes it suitable to mix it into a salad.
Try fresh tuna tartar mixed with fine shallots, some pepper and salt, a touch of soy sauce
and some fresh chopped Shiso Green Leaves on top.
In Asia it is popular as a Tempura.
But as a variation we have fried a (well-dried with tissue paper) leaf in oil, and used it as decoration
on a piece of meat. (Dry it after frying on some paper and add some sea-salt).