Product Description
Sometimes called the Chinese grapefruit, this giant fruit is very popular in the Malaysia-Indochina
region where it originated.
It may be juicy or a bit dry, acidic to sweet and seedy to nearly seedless.
No matter what, however, they are never bitter.
Every bit of the heavy pith and membrane must remove to make this giant gem edible.
Cut off ends; score skin; peel away pith and rind, separate segments, pulling or cutting off
the membrane, serve like grapefruit sections.
If dry, pour a warm light sugar syrup over sections.
To grill, sprinkle with sugar or ground ginger; splash lightly with vermouth or dry sherry.
Marinate sections in dressing; serve on salad. Add small bits to fruit salad or fruit cups. 
Pair with cottage cheese and raw crunchy veggies.
Health Benefits
This nutritious fruit provides a source for vitamin C, vitamin A, protein, calcium, potassium,
carbohydrates and dietary fiber.