Baby Artichoke

Product Description
The origin of Baby Artichokes is unknown, though they are said to have come from the North Africa, where they are still found in the
wild state, the seeds of artichokes, probably cultivated, were found during the excavation of Mons Claudianus in Egypt during the Roman period.
A raw Green Artichoke is crisp, slightly bitter and nutty.
Although not as meaty as a globe, they still provide substantial meaty and buttery flavors when cooked.
There are many ways of consuming Baby Artichokes; they can be eaten raw or cooked, boiled, steamed, deep fried or even made into tea.
Baby Artichokes are commonly used to decorate a dish.
Baby Artichokes are inherently high in fiber and low in calories.
Baby Artichokes are loaded with nutrients and photochemical known to contribute to the prevention of certain types of heart disease, cancer, and
birth defects.