Product Description
Tamarillo is firstly introducing into New Zealand from Asia in the late 1800’s.  
Native to South America, Tamarillos are relate to tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant.
Tamarillos are wrapping in a very smooth inedible skin, perfectly shaped like their
cousin, the eggplant; Tamarillos are egg-shaped and grow in clusters of three or more.
A plum or apricot-like, flesh encases two swirls of black tiny edible seeds.
Suited for cooking, ripe fruit yields to gentle pressure and releases an aroma mix of an
apricot and a tomato.
Raw or cooked, Tamarillos require peeling as the skin is bitter and high in tannins. 
Use a vegetable peeler or immerse fruit in boiling water a minute or two.
Tamarillos double as both fruit and vegetable due to its tart tomato taste.
Cooked or raw, make relishes, jam, sweet and sour sauces or chutney.
When lightly sugar and cooled, the flesh makes a refreshing breakfast dish.
They are also tasty and decorative in, for example, radicchio salads.
Fresh Tamarillos are frequently blending together with water and sugar to make a juice.
Health Benefits
Providing a moderate source of vitamin A and vitamin C, about 50 calories are in one-half
cup of fruit.