Product Description
pineapple or coconut
The refreshing texture is soft, smooth and melting and the flesh is stud with large, black,
inedible seeds.
Ripe Cherimoya has a delicate, sweet flavor and texture that is most apparent when eaten fresh.
Cut chunks of cherimoya and add to salads with kiwi, strawberry, papaya or other tropical fruit.
Scoop flesh from skin and blend into smoothies and shakes, add mashed pulp to yogurt or freeze with
coconut milk into semifreddo.
Top puff pastry with slices of cherimoya and fresh berries, and bake into a tart.
Health Benefits
High in calories, 300 grams of fruit has about 170 calories. High in fiber, it is a good source of
vitamin C and calcium, plus contains niacin and phosphorus.