Buddha Fruit

Product Description
For over a millennium, the Chinese and Japanese have prized the
bizarre Buddha fruit, which looks like a cross between giant lemon
and a squid, and can perfume a room for weeks with its mysterious fragrance. 
Buddha fruit is widely grown Southeast Asian countries.
Buddha's Fruit citron consists of yellow-colored skin that resembles
a rough, mutant lemon.
The flesh inside is rather dry, can be either sweet or sour and offers
a very subtle lemon flavor.
Offering a pleasantly unique, oily and heady, citrus fragrance, the
Buddha's Fruit citron is use primarily for zest, like grated lemon peel.
The fleshes of Buddha's Fruit contain very little juice and are most
often use for their pungent zest, or their decorative qualities.
Flavor cooking or finishing oils with zest: add grated peel to warm
oil, let sit for one to hours, strain and store for up to a month.
Health Benefits
Relieves constraint, regulates the, stops pain, harmonizes the Spleen
& Stomach and Transforms phlegm and stops coughs.