Product Description
Tomatillo is native to Mexico and Central America.
Tomatillo has a unique gelatinous texture; the flesh offers a zesty sweet and spicy flavor with
a citric edge.
This fruit mostly cooked to develop its excellent flavor, raw fruit has a sharp acidic taste. 
More popular cooked than raw; tomatillos are excellent in cooked salsas and sauces.
Chop raw for salads, guacamole, gazpacho or use as a garnish for cold soups.
Raw slivers enhance sandwiches; their zippy flavor is essential for making authentic salsas and
other southwestern dishes.
Pureed or chopped, make a delicious tart dressing.
Tomatillos love the company of herbs and spices. Onions, cilantro, chili peppers and garlic enhance flavor.
Tomatillo sauces liven up potatoes, chicken enchiladas, tacos and cheese dishes. Perk up an apple pie.
Health Benefits
Tomatillos provide a fair amount of vitamin A and vitamin K.