Baby Pineapple

Product Description

Originating in the French Islands of the Indian Ocean and Mauritius, this miniature pineapple is
grow in Central America and Hawaii.

The flavor and appearance of the baby pineapple is the same as the larger pineapple. 
However, the inner core of the baby pineapple is tender and sweet flavoured instead of tough and
fibrous like the larger member of the pineapple family.

The fruit is not only delicious eaten fresh on its own.
Baby Pineapple is add to fruit salad, pies, cakes, ice cream, yogurt, punches, and juiced.
The fruit is also an ingredient in most sweet and sour dishes and is use in many savory dishes.

Health Benefits
Pineapples provide a good source of vitamin C and useful amounts of foliate, thiamine, magnesium, iron and
vitamin B6, high in soluble fiber, pineapple may aid in controlling cholesterol levels.