Herb Tarragon

Product Description
Tarragon Herb is originating in Eastern Europe and northern Asia.
Tarragon is an herb offer a rich full-bodied flavor reminiscent of a blend of
licorice and pepper. 
Considered to be a sophisticated herb, its warm subtle flavor can be dominating when
used alone, crushed leaves release an anise-like aroma.
Tarragon holds its own either fresh or cooked.
Pair with veal, roast beef, seafood, poultry and egg dishes.
Excellent for flavoring all kinds of vegetables, artichokes and squash especially
welcome its flavorful goodness.
Chop; blend into tomato soup, add rich flavor to salads, dips, vegetable fillings,
marinades, sauces and salad dressings.
Health Benefits
Tarragon can help relieves stomach cramps.
Tarragon also promotes the production of bile by the liver, which aids in digestion
and helps to speed the process of eliminating toxic waste in the body.
Tarragon can also be substituted for salt for people with high blood pressure.
Chew tarragon leaf to stop hiccups.