Herb Sage

Product Description
Sage was first found growing in regions around the Mediterranean but now grows in regions
of North America as well. 
Oregano herb is best known as an ingredient in traditional stuffing for a Thanksgiving or
Christmas turkey.
Use cautiously to flavor liver, beef, sausage, veal and poultry dishes.
Pairs especially well with fatty meats like goose, duck, pork and lamb.
Gently enhance squash, tomatoes, carrots, beans, cheese, potatoes, onions and omelets.
Add with discretion to hearty stews and sauces.
Add herbal pizzazz to yeast breads, biscuits and rolls.
Use sage as a natural salt substitute.
Health Benefits
Sage contains vitamin A, vitamin B complex and vitamin C and is a source of calcium, potassium, 
ulfur, phosphorus and sodium.
Historically Sage was used medicinally for coughs, colds and fevers and as a general tonic.