Herb Savory

Product Description
Mediterranean countries.
Sage leaves have a piney fragrance and a taste similar to a blend of thyme, peppers,
cloves and marjoram.
Savory's bold flavor works well in omelets, soups, succotash, sauerkraut, meatloaf and
An excellent vegetable herb, enhance stewed tomatoes, tomato sauce, peas, corn, Brussels
sprouts and cabbage dishes.
Nicknamed the bean herb, its robust flavor brings out the best in all types of beans.
Loving seafood, add its spark to chilled poached fish blended with mayonnaise, a splash
of lemon juice and chopped chives.
Chop savory; sprinkle on casseroles and hot dishes.
Savory adds zip to mixed green salads and potato salad.
Savory likes to add its zing to meat dishes and hearty bean stews.
Health Benefits
Because the leaves of savory have a strong flavor, this herb is especially useful for
those on a salt-restricted diet.