Herb Lemon Grass

Product Description
Lemon Grass is native to India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.
Offering a rich lemony scent and matching flavor without any true lemon tartness, lemon grass produces
a slightly swollen white base that looks somewhat like a scallion.
Entirely edible, its tropical taste is reminiscent of lemon zest with a hint of ginger.
The thick and tender end of the lemon grass stalk can be used to flavor soups and curries.
Its flavor compliments seafood dishes well.
Leaves and chunks of the stick can be used to infuse teas and cocktails.
For a flavorful kebab skewer meat and veggies onto lemon grass stalks and grill.
Health Benefits
Its medicinal and cosmetic properties have been known since the days of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks
and Romans, it's used to treats rheumatism and sprains, diuretic, tonic, promotes digestion,
cough suppressant, digestive and sedative, repels mosquitoes.