Herb Thyme

Product Description
Thyme is indigenous to the Mediterranean with many species coming from an area that
encompasses southern Europe, western Asia and North Africa.
Big in flavor, thyme leaves offer a sharp clear warming sizzle with a spicy, savory taste.
The highly aromatic leaves release a minty lemony scent.
Thyme's spunky flavor is a favorite in sauces, marinades and vinaigrettes. Blend into
softened butter; spread on crackers or crusty bread.
Stuff a whole chicken with thyme leaves under the skin of chicken breasts with minced garlic.
Thyme is Ideal for flavoring traditional stuffing for poultry.
Thyme marries well with most vegetables including tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers,
squash and onions and adds zest to rice dishes and savory casseroles.
Health Benefits
Thyme is rich in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamin A.
It is a warming herb that is astringent, aromatic, anti-septic, and anti-fungal. It helps
to improve digestion, relax spasms and controls coughing.