Sprout Beans

Product Description
Grown in China over three thousand years and believed to be native to India,
Southern Asia or the Malayan Islands, Beans Sprout has been cultivated in the orient 
for thousands of years.
In Japan, up to two hundred tons of bean sprouts are produced every single day. 
Usually associated with the delicate shoots of beans, Bean Sprouts have small light
yellow leaves and a silvery bright white shoot.
Beans Sprout offering crunch and a subtle nutty flavor, the water content is high.
Beans Sprouts is amazing when serving as a snack, great in stir fries, Salads, good for
tortilla insides, unexpected on pizzas, a powerful juice source, a friend of soup, necessary
on sandwiches.
Mix Bean Sprouts with the spring onion rings and cucumber chunks and stir in a little
chili sauce, add coriander leaves, sugar and salt to taste, then serve the chicken
fingers on a bed of bean sprout salad and add a dish of chili sauce on the side. 
Health Benefits
Beans Sprout is one of the most nutritional foods, Bean Sprouts provide an excellent
source of vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes.
Bean Sprouts are low in calories and exceptionally high in potassium.
A nutritious sprouted bean offers the same amount of vitamin A as a lemon, the niacin
of a banana, the thiamine of an avocado, the riboflavin of a
dried apple, the carbohydrate content of a melon and the ascorbic acid of a loganberry.