Sprout Beetroot

Product Description
Sprouts are native to Southeast Asia, eventually traveling to Europe, Central Asia.
Beetroot Sprout slightly earthy taste, just like raw beetroot.
Thanks to its fantastic color it is used primarily for decoration.
Beetroot like flavor and vivid red color enhances mixed green salads; Beetroot
Sprout is amazing when serving as a snack, great in stir fries, good for
tortilla insides, a friend of soup, necessary on sandwiches.
Hearty beetroot soup, cut the unpeeled apples into chunks, mix a little sour
cream with horseradish sauce, then serve the soup in a dish and garnish with
the remaining chunks of beet and apple, horseradish sauce and Beetroot Sprouts.
Health Benefits
Beetroot Sprout is rich in vitamins B11, B12, vitamin E, chromium and magnesium.