Sprout Radish

Product Description
Sprouts Leek are native to Southeast Asia, eventually traveling to Europe,
Central Asia.
Looking a lot like alfalfa sprouts brushed with a reddish highlight, little
pretty Spicy Clover Radish Sprouts definitely deliver what their name says:
a spicy kick! If you like a sprout that bites back, this is the perfect choice. 
Radish Sprout is wonderful on a cheese roll or in salads.
Radish Sprout is match in stir-fried dishes, sauces or just bakes with meat.
Robust in taste and very gourmet, this spunky sprout puts a tangy twist
in fresh mixed green salads.
Include its zippy flavor in a variety of wraps and sandwiches.
Sushi, risotto, pasta and rice dishes love its zing, too.
Health Benefits
Spicy Clover Radish Sprouts are rich in calcium, iron and zinc.