Mushroom Chanterelle Black, Girolle, Jaune

Product Description
Chanterelle Mushroom found in coniferous forests in temperate regions, often in moss.
Chanterelles Mushrooms are creamy mushrooms; they are distinctive frilly trumpet shape with
a slightly rubbery texture.
They have a firm flesh with a subtle, fruity flavor. 
Chanterelle Mushroom is nonetheless often used for cooking and is ideal with game, fish and meat dishes.
Serve with scrambled eggs for a tasty breakfast, add to creamy pasta sauces or simply serve on toast.
Health Benefits
Chanterelles are rich in vitamin A and therefore useful for dry skin problems.
Frequent consumption could also be effective against eyesight problems, such as poor night vision.
According to some mycologists, they have an anti-cholesterol action.
Others claim that chanterelles inhibit cancerous tumors.