Baby Corn

Product Description
Baby corn is a popular Asian vegetable that many people presume comes from dwarf corn plants.
This unique darling tiny corn has a much milder flavor than mature corn.
Baby corn is merely immature sweet corn.
Baby corn is most often prepared whole boiled, or steamed and sautéed.
Baby corn is also well-suited for pickling.
A tasty addition to casseroles, baby corn is a convenient size for tossing in stir-fries.
Baby corn makes an attractive edible garnish with its sweet delicate corny flavor.
Baby corn is perfect for pickling. 
Health Benefits 
Low-fat, saturated fat-free, very low in sodium, cholesterol-free, baby corn is a good source of vitamin C.
Eaten together; corn, beans and squash provide the 20 amino acids that form complete protein.
Prevent Cancer and combined with three low-fat dairy products, effectively lowered blood pressure.