Chinese chive Leaf

Product Description
Chives have been cultivated in Europe since the middle ages.
A type of chive was originally cultivated in China and is believed to have been used throughout Asia.
Thought to be native to Southeast Asia, garlic chives have actually been regarded as a pesky and
bothersome weed in some parts of Europe and North America.
In the culinary world, the plant is grown for the tasty garlic-flavored leaves and not for the bulb.
Flat and thin, garlic chives offer a gentle garlicky flavor. The younger the strap-like leaves, the more
This garlicky herb is excellent for salads, stir fries and soups. Egg dishes welcome its tasty company.
Enhance fish entrees with its good flavor. Use as a substitute for chives. Blend in cottage cheese, sour cream, white sauce, salad dressings and plain yogurt. Chop; sprinkle over pasta and creamed new potatoes. Use as garnish. To store, wrap in plastic; refrigerate. Use promptly for optimum quality and flavor.
Health Benefits
Chives have been used to help lower blood pressure and aid digestion. Chives also stimulate the appetite
and possess some antiseptic properties. And its Prevent Cancer.