(Baby Capsicum mix (Red, Yellow, Green

Product Description
A Baby Capsicum belongs to the nightshade family and is related to the tomato and potato.
Baby Capsicums are native to the subtropical areas of South America.
Baby Capsicums are little versions of the block paprika.
These baby paprika´s come in green, red, orange and yellow.

Baby Capsicums Red: These capsicums have the sweetest taste of all varieties.
Baby Capsicums Yellow: These capsicums have a fresh and sweet taste.
Baby Capsicums Green: Green capsicums are less sweet and slightly bitterer than the yellow, orange and red capsicums.

Baby Capsicum is a fruit, but can be used as a vegetable.
Baby Capsicum with its small size and sweet flavor makes a great snack or decoration item.
The fruit is delicious when stuffed and heated in the oven.

Health Benefits
Baby Capsicum stimulates circulation and enhances blood flow; it is considered a food for the circulatory system, and
a common condiment to the diet.
Baby Capsicum assists in lowering blood pressure and breaking down cholesterol buildup.