Product Description
Galangal root grows throughout Asia, particularly in Indonesia and southern China.
Galangal, pronounced guh-LANG-guhl, grows about one inch in diameter and has various
distinct random shoots.
The milky-white flesh of this rather weird-looking root tastes somewhat like ginger
with a soapy-like overtone.
Not usually eaten alone, galangal possesses a hot peppery taste and is mainly used as
a flavoring.
It releases a slightly camphor-like fragrance.
A favorite in Thai cuisine, this vegetable root is popular in Indonesian, Malaysian and
Vietnamese cooking.
Thai cooks grind it with herbs, spices and chilies to make the seasoning base for red and
green curries.
This peppery-tasting root can be diced, sliced or made into a powder, both the buds and
open flowers can be eaten and are excellent battered and fried, serve with a chili sauce
or use as an unusual garnish.
Undeveloped young shoots are delicious steamed for a vegetable side dish.
Galangal root especially blends well with poultry and seafood and is a perfect addition
to a stuffed pepper, use as a tasty substitute for ginger.
Health Benefits
Treat a stuffy stomach.