Baby Thai Eggplant

Product Description

Thai eggplants come in several different varieties and grow in various shapes.
The small round pale green, yellow or white eggplants, called "ma khua khun" in Thailand, are the most common.
Baby Thai Eggplants are grown in South East Asia.

Small, round and firm, this variety of Thai eggplant is green and white striped.
Marketed with its stem and varying in size, they are roughly the size of a golf ball.
A thin skin encases creamy white flesh that offers a subtle flavor and a soft texture. 

In Thailand, these little eggplants are most often sliced thin and eaten raw with chili spices. 
They are excellent sautéed and added to curries.
Nearly seedless, they require no soaking or peeling, simply remove their stems and they are ready to use.

Health Benefits
Low in calories, eggplant has about 30 calories per cup and is high in carbohydrates. 
Containing traces of several nutrients, Eggplant is a good source of potassium and foliates.