Banana Leaf

Product Description

Banana leaf is originated in the Indo-Malaysian region reaching to
northern Australia.

Used for wrapping an infinite variety of food mixtures, the leaves
impart a subtle aromatic quality to foods.
Intriguing and charming banana leaves are quite large with spiked
edges and a solid center.

Banana leaves are ideal for wrapping sweet to savory foods.
Banana Leaf is perfect to stuff with poultry, beef, veal, hard-cooked
eggs, cheese, vegetables, rice, beans, grits, herbs and fruits.
Whole fish, especially salmon and red snapper, love to be snuggled
and cooked in these exotic leaves.
Banana Leaf is perfect for finger food, ideal for special occasions.
To prepare, wash leaves well; plunge into boiling water for two
minutes; cut into desired sizes.

Health Benefits
Banana Leaf helps eye nourishment & Curing Diabetes.