Purple Asparagus

Product Description

Purple Asparagus originated from a region around Albenga, Italy.
This "cultivar" is known as Violetto d/Albenga.
Although the spears are of deep purple color, the ferns are actually green.
The farmers in Albenga region propagate the plants using seeds from open pollination.

Purple Asparagus similar to the green and white asparagus in appearance, purple asparagus is larger at the base. The delicious flavor and crisp tender texture of this unique variety offers a slightly sweeter taste. The flesh of this novelty burgundy-colored asparagus is a creamy greenish-white and has twenty percent higher sugar content than green asparagus.

Top Purple asparagus with melted butter or drizzle with a flavorful sauce to give a strong mind-blowing taste. Your may want to sprinkle spears with vinegar or lemon juice before cooking to help retain color; cook just until crisp tender, cook and chill; add color and flavor to mixed green salads. Due to purple asparagus's sweetness, serve raw as a healthy appetizer on a crudités platter.

Health Benefits
Low in calories, asparagus provides a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C and foliate.
This nutritious vegetable is a useful source of vegetable protein and the stalks are high in fiber.