Product Description
Kailan is native to China and is related to broccoli.
The vegetable also looks somewhat similar to broccoli with green flower heads at the top.
Entirely edible Kailan, also known as Chinese broccoli, offers a delicate broccoli flavor that is sweetly
Producing striking green leaves and tiny tasty.
This delicious vegetable is crunchy raw and tender cooked; Kailan has thick, flat, glossy green leaves.
Absolutely delicious, Kailan can be stir-fried, steamed, boiled, braised or sautéed.
This vegetable is excellent for both hot and chilled dishes and loves to be smothered in oyster sauce.
Pair with hot peppers and garlic for a peppy side dish.
Young raw leaves are tasty in salads.
Cook until soft in olive oil with a generous amount of garlic for a palate-pleasing side dish. 
To use kale leaves as food wrappers, blanch leaves briefly in lightly salted water, place cubes of favorite
cheese in leaf; wrap and bake.
Shrimp or prawn tails are excellent choices for wrapping in these spunky tasting leaves. 
Risotto is superb wrapped in kale leaves and gently braised.
Health Benefits
Kailan provides lowers chances of cancer, effective in lowering high blood pressure.