Chicory Red

Product Description
Chicory Red is thought to have originated either around the eastern Mediterranean or in India.
Wherever its origin, it was used as a food plant by ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks.
Red Chicory produces bright white leaves edged with rich red or brilliant burgundy.
Red Chicory offers a bittersweet flavor.
Chicory Red raw or cooked, this tangy vegetable is an excellent flavor accent for a variety of dishes.
Its sturdy pretty leaves are perfect for dipping, stuff leaves with savory fillings for an unusual hors d'oeuvre.
Chicory loves mild cheeses and foods on the sweet side.
Baking and braising give this vegetable a mellow flavor.
Add Chicory Red sparingly to salads and sandwiches.
Health Benefits
Red Chicory is a good source of foliate, contains a trace of beta-carotene, vitamin A, vitamin B, is low in
sodium, and contains no cholesterol.