Chicory White

Product Description
It was quite by accident that this vegetable came to be, when a farmer in Belgium threw
chicory that he used for coffee on a dirt floor in his barn, he later discovered that blanched
plants had emerged from the earth.
Smooth and slender, Chicory White boasts bright white yellow-tipped closed leaves.
Easy to chew, the white chi cons offer a rich slightly bitter flavor.
Bittersweet Belgian endive accents salads and sandwiches, but use sparingly.
Blanch or steam whole; braise in butter and lemon juice.
Sauté leaf strips in butter and a sprinkle of sugar until brown and caramelized.
Serve with chicken breasts, sautéed scallops or veal.
Stuff leaves with soft cheese for an unusual appetizer.
Citrus fruit loves its tangy company.
Liking sweets, combine with beets or apples. 
Health Benefits
Chicory White is good source of foliate; Chicory White contains a trace of beta-carotene,
vitamin A and vitamin B, is low in sodium and contains no cholesterol & low in calories.