Celery Root

Product Description
One of the oldest root vegetables in recorded history, ancient Egyptians enjoyed eating celery root finding it growing
wild in marshy seaside areas. 
Celery Root is often muddy and gnarled with thick, jumbled roots, whorls and crevices. 
Celery Root has a crisp, apple-like texture and is the size of a large apple.
The white, juicy flesh has mild parsley, celery-like flavor.
Celery Root may be served fresh and raw, or cooked by peeling away the thick skin and use only the firm flesh.
Grate celery root and toss with oil, lemon juice and fresh herbs for slaw.
Cook diced celery root with potatoes and onions, or celery and apples, then puree into soup. 
Boil or steam diced celery root, then mash with cooked potatoes and coconut milk.
Cut into spears and marinate in oil, lemon juice, and fresh herbs then grill.
Health Benefits
Not loaded with vitamins, celery root does offer some potassium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.