Beans Sugar Snaps

Product Description

Beans Sugar Snaps are grown widely in Europe, also grown in Africa.

In fact Beans Sugar Snaps have the sweetest taste of all peas.

The best way to know if Beans Sugar Snap is fresh and sweet is simply by tasting them.
A versatile culinary delight, Sugar Snap is welcome in a myriad of dishes.
A healthy side dish, serve with main entrées.
Toss into fresh mixed green salads.
Beans Sugar Snaps are eaten with its pod.
Raw Beans Sugar Snaps are delicious and sweet, but the peas are even sweeter when cooked.
Beans Sugar Snaps can be boiled, steamed or stir-fried; they also taste great in stews and salads.

Health Benefits
Beans Sugar Snap provides an excellent source of protein.