Beans Snow Peas

Product Description

At one time, Beans Snow Peas were only seen in Chinese restaurants, but now they are available everywhere.
Beans Snow Pea, often called the China Mangetout.
Beans Snow Peas are native to western Asia or Eastern Europe.

Eaten when young and tender, pale to medium green snow peas have edible flat crisp, firm pods that are usually one and a half to three inches long.
Wide and flat, tiny undeveloped sweet peas are inside.

Beans Snow Peas were made for stir-fries and Oriental soups, serve as a vegetable by themselves enhanced with garlic, ginger or hot peppers.
Beans Snow Peas paired with shrimp, chicken.
Stir-fry Beans Snow Peas with red bell pepper strips, sliced mushrooms, julienne carrots and water chestnuts.
For a delicious attractive appetizer, carefully open the pods and add a cream cheese spread.

Health Benefits
An excellent source of protein, Beans Snow Peas offer carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, folic acid, potassium and calcium.
Beans Snow Peas are higher in calcium and vitamin A than other type peas, plus are lower in calories.