Potatoes Truffe de Chine

Product Description
Truffe De Chine potato plant is a family member of the nightshades.
Purple fingerlings, also known as purple Peruvian fingerlings, are an heirloom variety and are
native to the Andes of South America.
Skinny and oblong, the size and shape of the fingerling potato influenced its infoiptive name.
Unique purple fingerlings have a characteristic purple rim which surrounds a white flesh. 
Rather dry and waxy, the texture is flour like and offers its very own distinct flavor.
Potatoes can be eaten raw, but this is generally not done.
The waxy potatoes are perfect for dishes where the potato should be intact, like stews and soups.
However every potato is easily made into purée, French fries or chips.
A well known potato dish is the Spanish omelet.
Health Benefits
High in complex carbohydrates, potatoes provide potassium, protein, iron, niacin,
calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin B-6 and dietary fiber.