Product Description
Named for the town of Jalapa in the state of Veracruz in
Mexico, it can be very hot.
Today the Green Jalapeño is grown in the Mexican states of
Veracruz, Oaxaca and Chihuahua. Costa Rica, Texas and New
Mexico are also producers.
The crisp, juicy flesh offers a powerful bite, despite its
relatively low heat scale rating. When green, jalapeños offer
a distinctive vegetable flavor; their flavor is slightly sweeter.
Jalapeno peppers can be served fresh, cooked or pickled.
Add diced fresh jalapeno to cornbread, couscous, chili,
sautéed corn and beans, even sweet desserts such as an apple
Dutch baby, pickle peppers with garlic, salt, spices and vinegar.
Combine diced jalapeno with green tomatoes, garlic, sugar,
spices and cook down into jam.
Dice peppers and add to chopped fresh tomatoes and cilantro
for salsa. 
Jalapeno may be added to a variety of dishes for a mild heat.
Good for fresh use or pickling; famous for nachos and
other Tex-Mex dishes.
Health Benefits
Providing more vitamin A than any other food plant, chilies
are an excellent source of vitamin C and the B vitamins,
plus offer significant amounts of iron, thiamine, niacin,
magnesium and riboflavin.
Not only are they cholesterol-free, saturated fat-free,
low in calories, low in sodium and high in fiber, Capsicums
also increases metabolic rate.