Product Description
Rhubarb originates from Siberia, and is a very hardy, frost
resistant plant in fact it needs a period of frost in the winter
to produce the best stalks.
Celery-like stalk and texture with bitter-sweet taste.
Rhubarb often mixed with strawberries or other sweet fruits to
enhance its flavor.
The simplest way to prepare rhubarb is to cut the stalks in
one-inch pieces and cook in just enough water to cover, add sugar
to taste then serve as a sassy sauce for meats and poultry.
Stewed, pureed and sweetened, serve over poached chicken or veal
Cooked with a sweeter fruit such as strawberries or raspberries,
less sugar is required then serves stewed rhubarb sauce with
angel food cake, low-fat desserts and gingerbread.
Health Benefits
Rhubarb provides 8 percent of the requirement for vitamin C
and nearly 4 percent for calcium, plus offers a fair source of