Baby Turnip

Product Description

The Baby Turnip is a root vegetable, its exact origin is unknown, but wild forms of the turnip are found over West Asia and Europe.

Baby Turnips have less pungent flavor than the normal turnip and tastes similar to raw cabbage or radishes.
Most Baby Turnips can be eaten whole, including their leaves.

Baby Turnip has a mild flavor and can be eaten alone, but is commonly added to a dish.
Baby turnip can be added raw or cooked. Baby turnip is commonly eaten whole.
Soups, stews and casseroles welcome the Baby Turnip's company

Health Benefits
It inhibits the development of free radicals in the body and is heavily involved in the prevention of cellular damage which can cause cancer, aging and a variety of diseases. 
It acts as an anti-inflammatory and can help to prevent bruising.