Product Description

Introduction :
The white sugary melon is a delicious, sweet fruit. Cantaloupe melons must be eaten ripe. A ripe melon will yield to the touch at the stem end.

Quality Indication :
Cantaloupes are harvested by maturity and not by size.
They ripen after harvest but do not increase in sugar content.
Well-shaped, nearly spherical, and uniform in appearance, the absence of scars, sunburns or surface defects are perfect conditions for a top-notch cantaloupe.

Optimum conditions :
Temperature: From 2 to 5 degrees Celsius
Humidity: From 90% To 95%
Storing: From 10 to 14 Days

Natural Value : 

Serving Size Calories Vitamin A Vitamin C Calcium Iron
177g  60 67% 35% 2%