Product Description

Soft, ripe Soursop has a sweet, custard-like pulp containing several shiny seeds. 
They are a popular Caribbean dessert, eaten raw and in fruit salads, ice creams and drinks.

Quality Indication
A well-known fruit throughout much of the world, the soursop's delicious white pulp, with tones of fruit candy and smooth cream is commonplace in tropical markets, but is rarely found fresh anywhere else. Inside its thin, leathery, green flesh is a large mass of creamy pulp, usually intermixed with black seeds.

Optimum, Humidity
Temperature: From 10 c to 15 c
Humidity: From 85% to 95%
Storing: From 7 to 12 Day

Natural Value 

Serving Size Calories  Vitamin  Calcium  Iron 
100g 66 34% 1% 3%