Baby Mizuna Lettuce

Product Description

Mizuna is a popular leafy vegetable that is native to Japan.
One of the Asian greens, Mizuna is mild Japanese mustard and one of the best known in the United States. 

Mizuna has feathery and jagged edged leaves that grow in a green bushy clump.
Baby Mizuna offers a much sweeter, milder taste and a fresh earthy flavor.

Mizuna leaves with other greens or enjoy alone.
Steam Mizuna and top with a light sauce or melted butter.
Mature Mizuna makes a perfect substitute for chard or kale.
Use this green as an edible garnish for meats and side dishes.

Health Benefits
Dark green leaves offer the most nutrition and provide beta carotenes, vitamins, minerals, plus are a
source of fiber.
Low in calories, greens are a dieter's delight and salvation as they healthy eating without an
abundance of calories and effective in lowering blood pressure.