Baby Spinach

Product Description

Baby Spinach is native to or close to Persia; it later went to Spain with the invading Moors around 1100-1200.

Baby Spinach is offers a subtle yet assertive flavor.

Baby Spinach is delicious creamed, steamed, in soup, pureed or in the presence of eggs, cheese, pasta or fish.
Cooked Baby Spinach makes a delicious filling for lasagna or cannelloni.
A natural ingredient for salads, add sliced mushrooms; drizzle with warmed light bacon dressing blended with quality red wine vinegar.
Briefly sauté; season and serve as a side dish or garnish.

Health Benefits
An excellent source of beneficial insoluble fiber, which is believed to help protect the heart from
damage, a good source of Vitamin K, which is becoming associated with a reduced risk of some cancers
and Rich in beta carotene, which has benefits to eye health including helping to prevent cataracts.