Black Currants

Product Description

Black Currant native to Northern Europe.
American colonists began growing currants in the late 1600s - early 1700s.

Black currants are small, shiny and encased in a translucent skin.
The juicy and soft pulp contains a number of edible seeds.
Currants are aromatic with a tart flavor.

Use whole berries in cakes, or to accompany a salad with chicken livers.
Poach them in syrup, flavor with a few drops of cassis liqueur, and serve over ice cream
or cake.
Add blackcurrant purée to red meat sauces.
Black currants are too tart to eat raw, but are excellent for adding flavor and texture to
stews, sauces, liqueur, jellies and syrups.

Health Benefits
Black currant is used against arthritis, urinary problems, bleeding gums and coughs.
Blackcurrant juice increased the urinary pH level and the excretion of citric acid.