Product Description
Raspberries are indigenous to both Asia Minor and North America.
Raspberries were first introduced into cultivation in Europe nearly 450 years ago.
By the early nineteenth century, more than 20 cultivars of Raspberry were grown in both England and the USA.
The fragile raspberry offers an intense flavor that is deliciously sweet.
The distinguishing difference between the raspberry and the blackberry, and other trailing dewberries
in the rubus genus is the hollow core that is created in the raspberry when separated from its receptacle.
It seems every dessert menu offers something scrumptious made with this remarkable berry and chocolate is
usually involved.
Raspberries welcome the company of other fruits, especially pears.
Raspberry sauce makes a tasty topping for angel food cake, pound cake and cheesecake.
Serve as edible garnish to dress up salads and sandwiches.
Toss in vegetable or mixed green salads for a sweet bite; drizzle with raspberry vinaigrette.
Raspberry Health Benefits 
1. Improves Immunity
2. For Better Blood Circulation
3. Reduces wrinkles 
4. Fights Cancer
5. Strengthens immune system.
6. Helps Lose Weight
7. Youthful skin and a beautiful complexion too.
8. Controls Diabetes
Raspberry nutritional value per 100gm







vitamin c

52 K/cal

1.2 g

11.9 g

0.65 g

22 mg

29 mg

26 mg





Raspberried  recipe

Women power Everyday drink
120g raspberries 140g raspberries
60g strawberries 40g blueberries
20g coco powder 1 banana
30g peanut butter 40g avocado
100g almond milk 20g kale
40g honey 100g almond milk
  30g Honey
  Ice cubes