Product Description

Blueberry the king of the fruit
Super berries. From delaying signs of aging to aiding weight loss, studies indicate that these ‘little blue dynamos’ hold the key to better skin, hair, and health.

Blueberry is a Native American species.
In fact the blueberry is one of the few fruits native to North America.

Blueberries have a sweet-to-tart flavor when they are ripe, the riper the berry the sweeter it tastes.
Blueberries have a dusty film, called a "bloom" which forms a natural waterproofing and helps protect
them from the harsh rays of the sun.

Blueberries can be used fresh and are commonly eaten out-of-hand.
Blueberries are sweet and therefore popular for salads, yoghurt, juices, sauces and stuffing cakes and cookies.
Use Blueberry in a salad with chicken breasts, pears and a yogurt dressing with pepper, thinned with
bilberry juice and a little honey or oil and balsamic vinegar.

Health Benefits

  1. Helps Fight Signs Of Aging
  2. Prevents And Cures Acne
  3. Provides Fiber
  4. Facilitates Hair Growth
  5. Helps  Weight Loss
  6. Fights Against Cholesterol
  7. Reduces Risk Of heart  Diseases
  8. Lowers The Risk Of Cancers rich source of antioxidants

Blueberry nutritional value per 100gm

Energy Carbohydrates Protein Fat Vitamin A Vitamin C Potassium Sodium
57 Kcal 14.49 g 0.74 g 0.33 g 54 IU 9.7 mg 77 mg 1 mg


Blueberry recipe

Blueberry bliss  Blueberry nutty shake 
150g blueberries 160g blueberries
50g baby spinach 40g peanut butter
1 banana 10g almond
100g nonfat plain yogurt 150g milk
  50g raspberries
  30g kale